Tim- Former KGB operative from the coldest parts Russia, Timur "TheRockofLove" Turacolov has been through some of the craziest times of all. He lived and survided in below zero weather wearing only a mullet. Tim may look like a beautiful Russian adult film star, but really is a highly recommended Dolphin Trainer. When I say Dolphin Trainer.. I mean CENSORED.... T2 is the new Director and Lead Actor of Andrew's current business venture, ILL Pornography. The only issue is T2 has taken three years to edit the footage. Look forward to the 2019 release of, "The Russian Ball-Peen Hammer." This former KGB, Dolphin Training Porn Director found a new love though, Drifting. His blood red slab never seems to run right, but that never stops Timmy from chongin it real hard. One thing that never stops working or wont even turn off on Tims car are his brakelights.**


‚ÄčAJ- The illroller was birthed in the tallest house in Northbrook. This part Welsh and part ASSHOLE grew up surrounded with the finest rich mahogony and aged Italian brick. After his seventh doctorine at Harvard, he decided to continue with drifting. His iconic Lexus IS300 was built in a "Chilis" parking lot with only the finest modifications. Aside from a sweet body kit and sexy wheels, the car is completely stock. Dont worry, he still chrows down. Andrew knows that being in great shape is the key to drifting, that is why he rises before the sun to catch a solid pump and burn.  AJ also enjoys a good basketball game, basketball video games, and a fantastic meal at Buffalo Wild Wings.**

Fish- Ricardo was born on the South Side of the North Shore. He was the heaviest baby in 1985 weighing in a 31lbs. To this day, he still remains very very fat. Fish once went on a diet but soon realized he needed to start two diets due to one not feeding him enough. He grew up dreaming to be a Stained Glass Repair Technician but soon realized Drifting was really his calling. He started in a Mazda Miata but soon realized he didnt physically fit. Thats why he chose the S14 and installed a GM LS2 V8.. Mainly to move his lard ass around the track and keep up with other much slower vehicles. Fish's other hobbies include eating, long walks under 100 yards, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.**

Street Team - Chicago

Cook- After years of training at the word-class Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College, Alexander Rosenburger scored a Head Chef position at the most luxurious and most exclusive restaurant in all of Chicago... 7/11.. Hence the name Cook. After getting fed up with the over complicated dishes there, he decided to become a Stuntman. Thats how Cook got into drifting, he was just a natural. This Odd Cockatoo to say the least is a simple man but very complex at the same time. You never know what is going through that mans so called brain. Cook has many other talents and hobbies such as chasing moths though department stores, performing the Stunt Move "The Flamer," and playing football. He REALLY likes playing football.**

**DISCLAIMER: All team member's bios are FICTIONALIZED and there is NO relation to any of the mentioned companies or businesses.**

Risky Devil

Stevie - Where to begin with such a character... ITS NOT THE SAME. We found the Stoj pondering in an abandoned Ponderosa Steak House engulfed in a 4lb slab of meatloaf. He was lost just searching for a new person to talk to... for a really long time... Stevie always has the best or better story. A real "one upper" if you will. After the ownership of seven Preludes, three Acuras, and two Wranglers... he found his home in an E30 BMW. This HIGHLY modified BMW really scoots. Other passions SteveO has are talking, speaking, and telling a story. Be sure to stay on Steven's good side or he will change from the gentle Ant Eater to a ferocious Swordfish.. **